2019 Summer Camps

The best time to be a part of JLT Fieldhouse is to participate in one of our summer camps!  We just concluded another great summer of Skills, Drills and Thrills! Be sure to sign up early for next years camps, as we anticipate an even larger turn out!

Some of our Camp Highlights:

“Quality Over Quantity”– To maximize the necessary one on one and team teaching time, we limit our camps to a maximum of 32 campers. We want to provide every camper with the attention and extra reps that they may need to ensure a successful camp experience.  Our repeat participants appreciate quality of our camps, something they have shared with us directly, on multiple occasions.

“The Factory”– High intense skills stations, focused on increasing confidence in ball handling, shooting, rebounding and defensive skills. One of the kids favorite parts of camp!

“No Fear of Working Hard”– Every child that enters the gym for our camps, knows that they will be tested, they will learn, become teachers to their teammates and students of the game. They will build their skill levels as well as their confidence, be expected to give their best effort and bring a positive attitude everyday. And, they will have a great time doing it all!

 “Team Teaching Stations”– Targeted teaching stations; includes, setting & using screens, closing out, boxing out, multiple offensive “Cuts” (back cut, face cut, backdoor door cut, etc), “How” to play on the ball and help & recover defense.

“5 on 5 Season” – The kids are split into 4 teams that they will remain on for the entire week. Daily games, that has the kids playing up to 48 games in five days. This allows for them to apply all of the skills and drills that we go through daily and throughout the week, developing chemistry with their teammates and allowing the coaching staff the additional instructional time, if needed.

“No Zone Defense”– Man to Man is the only defense allowed in our camps. We want to ensure the campers understand the true concept of both individual and team (help & recover) defense.  We have always seen more focus, determination, team work and communication with this approach.

 “Tournament Friday”– This is a total camp skills and games competition, representing all four teams. Performed on the last day of camp to showcase what was learned throughout the week, while also closing out the week with fun and enthusiasm! This is the best part of the week for the coaches, as we get to see first hand how the teams have grown in such short time. Plus, there is always an upset on Tournament Day!

“Parents & Families”– We invite parents and families to take in all of our Friday tournament festivities, as the kids are always excited to showcase what they have learned throughout the week! Our tournament activities begin approximately 90 minutes prior to the conclusion of camp.