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Ambassadors of Compassion™
Lift Up America™

JLT Fieldhouse mentoring programs are designed to assist youth in achieving success by way of mentoring, tutoring, enrichment retreats, encouragement, incentives, and exposure to viable options to succeed. With that, we have partnered with Lift Up America™ and are now authorized facilitators of their mentoring program, Ambassadors of Compassion™ or AOC.

Lift Up America™ is a nonprofit educational and humanitarian aid movement that provides hope and opportunities for success to youth by engaging today’s leaders and partnering with corporations, sports and entertainment, education, media, government, and nonprofit organizations. Their flagship program, AOC, which is an interactive journey that brings together the wisdom and expertise learned by leaders and influence-rs to equip youth with resiliency and the personal leadership skills to navigate and succeed through life’s inevitable challenges. It is designed to teach the critical life principles that every person should know and incorporate into their life in order to reach their full potential.

Ambassadors of Compassion™ currently has two programs, R.I.S.E. (Responsibility, Initiative, Service and Expectations) for grades 8 or 9 and L.I.F.E. (Labor, Influence, Forgiveness and Experiences) for high school. Both programs are built upon the age-old principles that every youth needs to master in order to lead a successful and fulfilling life. Both R.I.S.E. and L.I.F.E. are a coach-led, 12-session, interactive measured program that equips youth with resiliency, hope, and the personal leadership skills to navigate and succeed through life’s inevitable challenges by imparting the critical life principles that are essential for youth to reach their full potential. As part of the program, all students are asked to engage in both a group service project and an individual service project.

Team Coaches play the key role in helping their students understand, practice, and adapt these important concepts into their personal lives. They serve as an example. They are the team facilitator and the one who gets the weekly conversation rolling regarding the videos and Calls to Action. They ask the questions and keep the conversations on track. They inspire and challenge and serve as role models. They encourage the youth to be their best and to move beyond where they were when they started the Journey. They are responsible for securing a place to hold the weekly team meetings and making sure there is good Internet access for the video links. The Team Coach also manages and oversees the team’s group service project.

These programs can be implemented within a school curriculum or via community facilitation. Either way, it is a unique and productive way to bring those from all ethnic, social, religious and economical backgrounds together to learn how they all have the same ups and down to confront on a daily bases, just on different levels.

If you are interested in finding out how to bring either or both of these programs to your school or community outreach, or to find out more information, please do not hesitate to contact Coach T or call 704-640-7266.

Lift Up America™
Lift Up America™