Private Lessons and Clinics

Private Lessons and Group Clinics

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The Foundation for Our Growth

We have begun conducting our one one one sessions and group clinics, every weekend. The response has been overwhelmingly positive, and we are appreciative to all that allow us the opportunity to work with your child. All lessons and clinics are one hour in duration, for now. As we grow, so will our session offerings. Our services are available for boys and girls, ages 6 and up.

The purpose of the individual lessons is to evaluate your child’s skill levels, while determining also what areas to focus on first,and to then build upon that skill set. We then continue build on the skills, as well as the confidence in those abilities.

The clinic sessions are dedicated to group drills to help build the team work concept, while implementing the skills honed in private lessons. We are dedicated to keeping parents informed of their child’s performance, to ensure they are continuously satisfied with our process. We implement some video taping of certain portions of sessions, to show areas of improvement, because we all know, video does not lie.

At JLT Fieldhouse, Inc., we offer many different services, devoted to teaching, coaching and mentoring your child.

Private Lessons- Our private lessons are geared for all ages. We start as young as 5 years old and go all the way to college aged student athletes.

Beginner Clinic

Clinics- We currently have three clinic groups:

1- Beginner– This clinic is devoted to those just learning the basics of the game. These are held every Sunday at 2:00pm at Salisbury Academy.

2- IntermediateРThis clinic is dedicated for skilled  5th through 8th graders. These are held every Sunday at 3:00pm at Salisbury Academy.

3- Elite- This is primarily for high school players and the advanced  8th graders. These are held every Sunday at 5:00pm at Salisbury Academy.

4- Open Gym SessionsThese are held every Sunday at 4:00pm at Salisbury Academy. In between our Intermediate and Elite Clinics, we have an open gym session of games in which the two groups are split up into teams of two or three. The benefit from this session is that the younger players get to interact and play with the older players, and conversely, the older players get to “mentor” and play with the younger players. The best part that we have seen is that the open gym session is optional for the older players, as they have their own clinic afterwards, yet we have a big turnout for this, and we are excited about its continued growth

Contact Coach T to schedule a private lesson or sign up for a clinic. Signups are required in advance for all sessions. With our current demand, we cannot accept walk in clients.

Our Clinic Rates- Updated January 12, 2018

1 Hour Beginner- $15 (minimum of 5)

1 Hour Intermediate/Advanced- $15 (minimum of 5)

1 Hour Open Gym – $5 if you attend either clinic -$15 if you come for open gym only

1 Hour Elite- $20 (minimum of 5)

Our Private Lesson Rates: Updated January 12, 2018

1 Hour Private Session-$30

1 Hour Group Lesson- $20 per person (2 to 4 participants)

1 Hour Group Lesson- $15 per person (5 or more)

90 Minute Private Session- $40

90 Minute Group Lesson- $30 per person (2 to 4 participants)

2 Hour Private Session- $60


These are scheduled through the year and include 3 on 3 and 5 on 5 tournaments

2 Replies to “Private Lessons and Clinics”

  1. I would like to sign up my grandson for private lessons. Could we schedule the first lesson (evaluation) for this Wednesday evening? He is 9 years old and has played since first grade. He is a small fast guard. He really loves the game and wants to improve his game. Please call me to arrange the details – Mary Shrum 704-340-5988. My husband and I stopped by the field house today and watched some of your clinic and we are anxious to get our grandson involved.

  2. Hi my name is Juan Arnez and my son Avery is in the fifth grade. He’s trying out for JV and he wanted to get in a couple lessons before tryouts. What’s available? He is coming Sunday to your clinic but just wanted some extra help before tryouts.

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